ck_MedRules is an innovative software product which addresses the needs of rapidly-expanding health care alliances for a simple and easy to use rules definition and implementation tool, which can be accessed from all sites within an organization, regardless of location, or type of computer system.

ck_MedRules integrates the following functions in one easy to use package. ck_MedRules intelligent web forms can be put to use immediately to help streamline the approval process, decrease liability, improve the quality of care, and cut costs. Whenever a predefined rule or protocol is triggered by data that is submitted on a form, ck_MedRules initiates all specified actions: warnings are displayed, email is sent, special forms are printed, or connections are made to other web sites to provide clinical, drug, or other pertinent information.

The design, development, and implementation of ck_MedRules has been supported by grants from the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA).

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