We propose to complete the development of our Protocol Engine design prototype, and deploy it in a working clinic as a fully functional software package running on a Web Server. In this deployment the system will demonstrate its functionality when fully integrated with Med Recall's lab results and chart notes packages and the ck_Medical billing system, but it will also be designed to function with other packages with which it does not have the same level of integration. We will use a format-independent interface to access data, so that the library will work with data from other packages. Once the system is functioning it will be our full featured demo. Individuals from other clinics and insurers interested in reviewing our work will be able to connect to the system through Netscape and use the program to access non confidential information, just as if they were clinic staff members.

The objectives of the second phase of the project are as follows:

  1. Completion of protocol engine development and conversion to a Web Server application.
  2. Establish tools and techniques of accessing current data on mainframe and mini computers in both hospitals and clinics.
  3. Develop Server / Browser notification techniques and Java Applets, so that appropriate users can be informed of the actions they need to take.
  4. Integrate software applications to automate actions by taking full advantage of the network and web server environment.
    1. E-Mail
    2. Chart Notes
    3. Analysis and Reporting
    4. Maintenance of System Security. Adapt system of public and private keys that protect clinical notes from unauthorized access to all protocol information.
    5. Billing Module (adaptation of ck_Medical for Web Server)
  5. Find vendors who are storing data in open and standardized formats, and set up data links to their systems for common protocols.
  6. Demonstrate the functionalities we have achieved with diverse data sets to insurance companies, HMO's and PPO's.

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