Our primary goal is to successfully setup a demonstration product in a working clinic which will have broad commercial applications. This product will be usable as developed on the Internet World Wide Web or on private Intranet's setup by Insurance Companies or managed care organizations. The protocol engine can be sold to agencies as a stand alone module which they can setup and integrate on their own network. Other modules which can be integrated with the protocol engine can also be sold. The actual systems integration required to link all of the separate elements would also be a marketable service.

This product is a monitoring tool that managed care organizations and insurers can implement immediately. They can provide incentives such as higher fee schedules, or more prompt claim payment to get clinics and providers to use the system. Once this system is in place all information needed to monitor cases which deviate from standards will be immediately available and accessible to the insurer or manager. But potentially the system offers a great many more advantages to its users. By putting more critical data on line, and streamlining communication the system offers many more advantages to its users. Variance requests or justifications could be followed up on immediately, chart notes would be accessible, and in fact all billing information could also be immediately transferred. Providers could have the same ability that managers have, to review current data of what other doctors have done in similar situations.

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