The ck_MEDICAL Medical Office Management System is a comprehensive Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable System which also maintains patient records and schedules appointments. It requires an IBM PC/AT compatible computer with 640 Kilobytes of RAM and a hard disk with at least 20 megabytes of storage. More storage will be needed for larger offices.

  • Enter or change patient appointments.
  • Search for patient appointments.
  • Overlay provider schedules to determine open times.
  • Reserve blocks of time.
  • Reserve equipment or rooms.
  • Print scheduling reports and patient labels.
  • Personal Information: Enter as many guarantors and insurance companies as needed. Set up statement deferrals and customized statement messages for individual patients.
  • Visit Information: Enter all medical information required by insurance companies, including an unlimited number of diagnoses and procedures.
  • Patient Account Status: Review procedures performed and the charges billed to a patient, as well as any payments and adjustments to the balance. Post receipts and adjustments. Review billing status and recent statements. Set up a payment plan. Assign an account to a collection agency.
  • Process and print an invoice for a visit.
  • Automatic write offs for any insurance, including Medicare.
  • Print insurance claims or transmit them electronically.
  • Print Workers' Compensation forms.
  • Process patient monthly statements with the option to add interest or billing charges to overdue bills.
  • Record all payments received.
  • Record write offs or other adjustments to a patient's balance.
  • Daily closing and reconciliation of cash drawer with receipts entered on computer.
  • Daily deposit slips.
  • Daily work reports showing each visit, procedure, charge, payment and adjustment made or received during the day.
  • Accounts receivable reports.
  • Monthly fee and collection reports which show activity by type of insurance, such as Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS, self-pay, etc..
  • Adjustment reports.
  • Billing status reports for insurance companies, collection agency, payment plans and interest deferrals.
  • Transaction reports.
  • Year-end reports.
  • Practice analysis of procedures performed and charges, revenues and adjustments associated with them. This report can be filtered to show different types of insurance, such as Workers' Compensation, specific insurance companies and/or providers.
  • Diagnosis report.
  • Procedure report.
  • Patient selection query. For example, you can determine who had a particular diagnosis but did not receive a particular procedure or group of procedures.
  • Mailing labels.
  • Referring Physicians Report.
  • Provider list
  • Insurance company list
  • Diagnoses list
  • Procedure list, includes multiple fee structures and automatic writeoffs
  • Procedure modifiers
  • Referring physicians
  • Location codes
  • Type of service codes
  • Adjustment modifiers
  • Standard statement messages
  • Data backup
  • File packing
  • Archive data
  • Retrieve archived data Fix incorrect visit dates and/or providers
  • Correct duplicate insurance company entries.
  • Audit transactions
  • Printer and system configuration

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