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CK Software, Inc. specializes in the development of reasonably priced computer systems for a wide range of health care needs. We have developed systems for The William Backus Hospital, St. Patrick Hospital, health departments, the University of Montana Health service, private practices, occupational health clinics and health care services. Our varied experience has resulted in a physician's management system packed with features. You can request a demo of our software to see what we can do for you.

Automate your most time consuming chores

The system processes invoices, statements, standard insurance and Workers Compensation Claim forms. It can bill to multiple insurance companies, and follow up the initial claim with trace letters. It maintains detailed patient personal and medical records. It allows you to enter visit information and look up codes with a minimum of effort. It puts at your fingertips a wide variety of daily and monthly management and caseload analysis reports.

A Computer can actually personalize your practice

A computer can help take care of the little things that can do a lot to give a more personal and concerned image to your practice. With it you can easily send out informative mailings, newsletters, and reminders directed to specific groups of patients and tailored to their conditions and needs. Our system will allow you to scan your patient lists for patients that meet specific criteria. We back our system with a full training and support plan We will install the system in your office and provide several days of staff training. When you have a problem or questions, we will be able to connect to your computer from our office in order to help you take care of it.

The bottom line

We sell our software as single and multi-user packages. The base price of the single user system is $3500. For the multi-user package, it is $4000. Each additional provider is $750. The monthly support fee is $100 -- this includes all training, technical support and software updates. The software is designed to run on any computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system. The multi-user package will work on any Microsoft Windows based network.

ck_MEDICAL, your future, and our commitment

Over time your expectations about your computer system will increase, and reporting requirements that you must meet will change. You will want your computer system to be integrated with local hospitals, national medical databases, and other doctor's computers. Whenever you need it, CK Software, Inc. will customize your system to meet specific reporting or communication requirements, or to integrate data gathered from other systems into your own files. We developed ck_MEDICAL in 1986 and still continue to update, sell and support it. Ask other vendors of medical software if they still sell and support the same brand of software as they did in 1986. If you would like more details, please contact us. We will be happy to talk with you and give you a demonstration of the features of our product.

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