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For the past twenty six years, CK Software, Inc. has designed, developed, and supported health care management software.
Mr. Kogan's Resume CK Software, Inc. is a development company with vision and a successful track record, seeking to expand its market presence and develop a new generation of Managed Health Care products for the rapidly expanding health care network and alliance market. We wish to build on our current products and projects to produce an integrated family of compatible applications to meet many of the most critical needs of rapidly expanding health care networks and alliances.

CK applications play a key role in greatly reducing the work loads of staff members who must prepare reports, forms, invoices, statements, insurance claims, financial summaries and targeted mailing campaigns. And, as reporting requirements of all sorts steadily increase in the health care industry, efficient computer systems and software are becoming more and more critical.


CK Software, Inc., is a customer-driven company. Our products are designed to solve day-to-day problems for health care providers, administrators and support staff in a simple, flexible manner. We know from experience that we have to design applications that allow users, providers and managers to be more productive without requiring hours of education -- and without forcing them to abandon their other proven methods and approaches. Our objective is to keep the customer's needs at the forefront of our development efforts.


Health care data must be treated with great respect, since the information it contains is often confidential and always important. A patient should never have to worry that personal information will be leaked because of an unsecure computer system. Additionally, no provider should ever lose data because of faulty storage design.
Our respect for health care data goes beyond just the technical side of security. We have a personal commitment to confidentiality -- a commitment our customers depend on. Our reputation for dealing with confidential data has played a large role in our growth.


We offer our products "as is" or as part of a package that can be customized to your needs. Many of our customers have had us make modifications to our products to exactly fit their specific needs. With our extensive library of in-house health care related software, we can develop totally customized packages at a reasonable price.


We also have been awarded two Small Business Innovative Research grants by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) for our work in the area of proctocols.


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